Welcome to Middle School Week!!!


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Well, Elementary Camp is over, and we are back and ready to take on Middle School week! We have updated our format this year for Middle School and High School weeks and we are ready for all of the joy and challenges that will bring us!

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The ice cream line is serious!

The ice cream line is serious!

We kicked off the night with some games in our newly formed “Ohana” groups. If you’re not sure the meaning of Ohana, check out this clip from Lilo and Stitch.

Some of us had some time to play a new game called Gaga tonight which is played in the Gaga Pit, and it is so much fun!

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We had some indoor games because there was some lightning that was a little too close.


We had worship time with Canon Durning who is our chaplain this week, we started talking about what our names mean and then what that means about us. Our theme for the week is “Called to Serve” so we are finding out ways to figure out what God is calling us to do in our lives.

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…and we ended our night with a full camp game of Capture the Flag! It was a great time, and the perfect night!

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There is just a flashlight under it, its not on fire!!!

There is just a flashlight under it, its not on fire!!!

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Everyone is in their cabins now and resting up to tackle our first full day of Middle School Camp!!



If you would like to email your camper during the week you can send all emails to campbunknotes@gmail.com. Please make sure you put the camper’s name as the subject line and remember we can’t guarantee delivery of emails received after 12pm on Thursday.

Our closing Eucharist is on Friday at 1pm and we would love to see our friends and families there! Camper pick up will begin at 2pm on Friday.


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  1. Lise says:

    Looks the fun has begun

  2. michelle sewell says:

    Kadeen, hope you are having fun.

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