Wacky Wednesday o_0


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Now that all of the campers have learned each others names and made plenty of new friends, it’s time to let loose. All of the campers were woken up prematurely by counselors dressed in “wacky” attire and decorative paint covering their faces and arms. Campers were also able to design their faces and dress just as wacky if not wackier than our counselors. After our breakfast and morning stretches, the campers went outside to the participate in the popular Wacky Summer Olympics. This zany sporting event consist of many competitive events ranging from tug-of-war to potato sack relay races. Campers played against each other according to their specific cabins. After all scores were tallied, cabin groups selected one cabin counselor of choice to participate in an epic event called the Pudding Toss. During this event, pudding is pelted at a cup held in their counselor’s mouth. The first group to fill the cup wins. Shortly after the pudding fight, a water balloon battle broke loose and it quickly became clear this battle was every man for himself.

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