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If you have never been to a Hootenanny before, you are totally missing out! Its seriously the most fun you can have with a huge group of people you just met 2 days ago.

Also, if you haven’t met Barney, ask your kids about him!

Barney joined us for dinner, and was totally working the room, getting the kids warmed up and all ready to go!

After dinner, we met him in the New Pavilion and had a HUGE party! Barney plays guitar and drums, and there is so much dancing, you’re so ready for bed at the end of the night.

We started with a song called Funga Alafia which means “welcome to my village” and we spent the night talking about how being at camp is our own special village where kids can come to love and be loved by people they have maybe never met before.

After Funga Alafia (one of my personal favorites!!) we did some line dancing, which is sooo cool and it was great when in the middle of it, the camper I was partnered with looked me straight in the eyes and shouted, “THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!” Everyone had a great time!

We also had a lot of opportunities to share our own dance moves and invite everyone else to join in with us, so cool to see what all of these campers come up with and how brave they are to go in front of everyone and be their true selves.

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We talked a lot today about friends and what it means to be a true friend and how we can be that for others, but also what our friends mean to us. There were a lot of great responses throughout the day and a lot of specials prayers at the end of the night. The way these campers reflect and put the needs of others before themselves is such an amazing thing to see.

A lost tooth at camp!!! :)

A lost tooth at camp!!! 🙂

So check out the pictures from our Hootenanny, and ask your camper to teach you some of the songs, they’re so cool!

Don’t forget you can email your camper through Thursday at 12pm at 🙂

And we have a Eucharist at 1pm in the New Pavilion on Friday. Camper pick up will start at 2pm.

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  1. Katy White says:

    WHAT FUN!!! Can’t wait to see more tomorrow!!

  2. Devon Shank says:

    Don’t be afraid, show us your boomerang! How i missed barney last year! hope everyone is having a awesome time!

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