Thursday – Our Last Full Day!


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Has this week gone by fast or what?!

I’m sure everyone is excited to see each other on Friday at our closing Eucharist at 1pm, but we have had a great week together making friends, sharing stories, and lifting each other up in spirit 🙂

Thursday brought us some rain, but we didn’t let that keep us down! We spent time on the water slide, tie dyed, and had an awesome dance party at the end of the day!

Around the campfire before bedtime, we shared some of our favorite parts of the week, and it was so awesome to hear all the sweet things that the campers had to say about their time here. It hasn’t been easy the whole week, we miss our families and friends at home, but we are learning that its okay to miss someone, and its also okay to have fun while you’re missing them.

We have grown so much as a family and a community. I personally am so thankful for this time we have had together and I know that I will never forget it!

If you haven’t purchased a DVD, you can do so today at the closing. We will mail them out sometime in the next week 🙂

Check out our pictures from Thursday, and we look forward to seeing you at the closing Eucharist!!

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