Chapel Service for Campers at DaySpring


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Service at St. Thomas Chapel, Photo from Michelle Ortiz

We entered into our evening with the talent show, and ended in the St. Thomas Chapel for a time of reflection, praise and worship. On Friday morning we ended our camp with the Eucharist.

The Rev. Bryan O’Carroll, The Rev. Michelle Ortiz and Seminarian Janet Tunnell all lead the youth and staff in the most beautiful chapel service. Our youth read the message from Ephesians on the “Armor of God” which we had been learning about all week.

The children read scripture with such clarity and reverence. You could feel the Holy Spirit surround us all with His love and presence. The Lord has always been the center of this ministry.

Our staff has continually prayed over the lives of the youth, and will continue to do so even after camp ends. We are blessed to plant the seeds and give the glory to God. All things work for the good and His glory. Our theme “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” has been planted into the lives of these children, and we wait with great expectation to see those seeds grow, their faith in God increased, and their love of God and each other to blossom into something so beautiful.

We are blessed to be servants and disciples of Christ, and pray that the love we shared together continue to grow with each of them personally in their own lives, their families, their parishes and their communities. All glory and honor to You Lord Christ. Amen! Amen!

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