The First Full Day of Leadership Camp 2015


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Monday was a great first full day at our first ever High School Leadership Camp! After breakfast and morning worship today we worked on one of our leadership skills for the week – expressing yourself while listening to others. We talked about sharing our thoughts using “I Messages” as an effective way to communicate. We practiced this by looking at some different issues that we might have opinions on and we discussed them in our Ohana groups using I messages.

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After our morning program time we started into our focus groups! It was pretty rainy all day so our sports and outdoor group spent some time on the waterslide while the arts group worked on their projects for the week inside.

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We had lunch and then siesta and then did camper’s choice. Some of the choices offered today were basketball, board games, and tie dye. Board games inside and basketball outside were pretty popular so we spent some extended time in those activities.  After camper’s choice and camper free time we got ready to head out to dinner.

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After dinner we had some more program time and looked at leadership skills like discovering your gifts, and idea making. Each Ohana group came up with a big idea for youth in a church or in a diocese – no limits! Once they came up with their plan as a group they had to share it with the rest of the camp and describe how they came up with their idea.

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Our other skill for the night involved discovering our spiritual gifts and talking about ways they can use them not only on their own but as a cooperative group.

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We ended our evening with s’mores around the campfire and then Compline in the chapel and then headed off to bed!

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Remember you can email your camper at through Thursday at 12pm. Please use their name as the subject line for easy delivery.

We can’t wait to see our family and friends at our closing Eucharist on Friday at 1pm in the New Pavilion at DaySpring.


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