2012: Taco Tuesday \(•_•\)


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This Tuesday has been a great day. All of our campers were greeted by the birds chirping and the shining sun.

After breakfast, our daily regimen of morning calisthenics took place in the pavilion. These exercises consist of a song  called WAKA WAKA made by the famous singer Shakira. These dances help get our campers blood flowing and burn off all the bacon and biscuits from breakfast.

After getting our campers ready for the day, praise and worship followed shortly after. Several songs were played for our campers and they clapped and jumped up and down in jubilation.

Tuesday lunches at DaySpring are notorious for their famous taco bar. Taco Tuesday is one of the only meals where everyone eats nearly all of the food on their plates. Food waste is weighed after each meal for each cabin throughout the week. Today five out of seven of the cabins had ZERO food waste!

After lunch our campers made sea shell wind chimes during art and crafts. Tonight was a suprise movie night.  Candies and fruits where handed out as we all watched Madagascar 2 in our pajamas.

Our mission at DaySpring is to make everyday better than the last!!!

Waka Waka Song- Shakira

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