Sunday- In the Begining


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We here at Day Spring Summer Camp are proud to announce our theme for the week  – The Hobbit! We, like Bilbo, are going to learn more about the journeys that others have taken before us, and we hope that this will give us some insight and reassurance into our own personal journeys and how they might connect with others.

We are so happy to have  42 wonderful, happy, healthy, enthusiastic elementary school campers here with us! We kicked things off with our ‘mustache’ rules and dinner. Then we started off our journey with team builders for everyone to get to know each other.

After all of this, we broke up into our family groups (Wildcats, Yellow Chickens of Courage, Flaming Oranges and Green Gators) and participated in activities involving more camper introductions.

Once all of the campers felt comfortable with each other, each group had a chance to split up and participate in a scavenger hunt which encompassed a majority or the Day Spring property

We ended our first night with evening worship around the campfire. We sang some beautiful songs, and had a great time. Hopefully there will be a few less bugs tomorrow, but hey, its camp!!

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  1. Gale Moore says:

    Looks like a great day, especially the camp fire!

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