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While it feels like its been FOREVER for all of us and things have been crazy since we were last able to gather at DaySpring Summer Camp, our first session, Half Elementary, is off to a GREAT start!

We have an amazing group of 12 campers this week, and our staff of 11 counselors and 4 core leadership staff have been here for a week leading up to camp to prepare for the summer. Our chaplain this week is our Director of Youth Ministry and Programming, Matthew Bowers. Matthew has officially been with us for one year now, read more about him here:

Our theme this summer is Jeremiah 29:11, and we’re looking forward to learning about all the ways that God cares about us and our futures.

While our registration and evening had some rain (which we desperately needed!) we were able to play some really fun games inside and still sneak in some s’mores before heading back to our cabins for the evening!

Tomorrow morning we’re headed to the waterfront!

Remember, you can email your camper at (please use their first name and last initial as the subject for the email so we can make sure it gets to the correct camper.

You can view our photos from the week here:

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