Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!


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Wow! What a second day we have had!

For those of you who don’t know, our theme for camp this summer is “On Your Mark…Get Set…GO!” and we are referencing the Five Marks of Mission. (To learn more about the Five Marks of Mission in the Episcopal Church, check out this website: http://www.episcopalchurch.org/page/five-marks-mission )

Our Marks for today were Tell and Teach 🙂


We kicked off our morning with (well, besides an always awesome breakfast) chapel time and craft time. We decorated backpacks so that we will all have something to carry our things around in.

IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1483 IMG_1484 IMG_1485 IMG_1486 Photo Jun 16, 10 11 33 AM Photo Jun 16, 10 11 41 AM Photo Jun 16, 10 11 58 AM Photo Jun 16, 10 23 56 AM

Here are some pictures from our time at Chapel. We learned about:

Tell – Proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom

Teach – Baptize and Nurture New Believers

20140616_110034 20140616_110052 20140616_110111 20140616_120737 20140616_120751 20140616_120810 20140616_121337 20140616_122215 20140616_122254 IMG951477 PART_1402931821891_IMG951450 PART_1402931822194_IMG951454 Photo Jun 16, 11 48 15 AM Photo Jun 16, 11 48 25 AM Photo Jun 16, 11 51 09 AM Photo Jun 16, 12 07 26 PM Photo Jun 16, 12 21 48 PM

If you’re wondering about the tarp – each group had to stand on it while it was flat on the ground and flip it around to the other side without stepping off. Working on our collaboration and communication. Definitely a skill that helps when we need to TELL!

After lunch we took a bit of an extended siesta (just so we would be extra prepared for the rest of the day!) We kicked off our afternoon with some energizers before heading outside for some water slide and outdoor activity time!!

20140616_084354 20140616_084400 20140616_084407 20140616_084846 20140616_084901

3127 20140616_164622 Photo Jun 16, 3 54 43 PM (1) Photo Jun 16, 3 54 52 PM

Worship music 🙂

20140616_124124 20140616_124135

Right on schedule, because it knew we were ready for dinner…the rain came!

So we improvised with what we had to do to stay dry since most of us had just changed into dry clothes and left our ponchos in the cabins!!!

PART_1402960326827_20140616_182259 PART_1402960329484_20140616_18230220140616_182926 20140616_182940 20140616_182947 PART_1402960323533_20140616_182254 PART_1402960332544_20140616_182919 PART_1402960335973_20140616_182919-1 Photo Jun 16, 6 29 27 PM Photo Jun 16, 6 29 34 PM

We had a fun evening indoors playing some games together and just forming new friendships! We were able to end our evening with some check ins around the camp fire.

Here are a few more pictures from the day:)

Please enjoy and we will see you tomorrow for Hawaiian Day!!

PART_1402964626296_20140616_200858 PART_1402964628890_20140616_200902 PART_1402964632536_20140616_200959 PART_1402964635252_20140616_201002 PART_1402964641104_20140616_201024 PART_1402964644309_20140616_201047 Photo Jun 16, 4 56 00 PM

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