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The Incredible High School Journey – Day 2

Well, we have completed our first full day of camp for the summer!

It was an amazing day with lots of activity! We started the day with some energizers and breakfast. Then we had a group called Pathfinder come in and do some “Incredible Journey” activities with us. There were many challenges to complete as teams, and many puzzles to solve. We worked hard to complete them together. Campers were encouraged to find the right path to get them to their destination, and many times we had to try a different path than the one we thought was right in the beginning.

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In the afternoon we had our first afternoon rotation of chapel and crafts and outdoor free time. We also had a very exciting camp event, we had a camper birthday! During dinner we gave some extra love to Tatiana for her birthday, and gave her a DaySpring celebration!

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Happy Birthday Tatiana!!!

Happy Birthday Tatiana!!!

Happy birthday - DaySpring style!

Happy birthday – DaySpring style!

We ended the evening with worship around the campfire, topped off with s’mores!

We are looking forward to sailing and canoeing on Tuesday!!

Don’t forget to email your camper at – make sure your camper’s name is the subject line! We are having lots of fun, but always keeping our friends and families in our hearts. We can’t wait to see you on Friday!


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