2017 Mission Camp Update


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Here it is…the moment you have all been waiting for….MISSION CAMP MONDAY!!!! 🙂

Mission Sites on Monday were a blast! Each group had different jobs and really learned a lot from their work. We are totally ready to go out and continue learning and doing our part to build relationships and help others.

Here is a short breakdown from each site:

All Faiths Food Bank, Sarasota, FL

At All Faiths, campers packed backpacks for the summer hunger program. This program works to provide meals for kids who may not know where their next meal is coming from. We learned today that the term for that is “food insecure.” The backpacks will feed 2003 kids meals during the summer. Once the backpacks were done the campers came back to DaySpring and put together 50 homeless care kits to go to the Pinellas Hope in Pinellas County. These will help support people who are new to the community and give them some supplies to get them started.


Turning Points Homeless Resource Center, Bradenton, FL

The campers who went to Turning Points helped prepare and serve a hot meal, they sorted cookies and packaged food to be distributed. They cleaned the dining room, and came back to DaySpring to put together blessing bags to be passed out on Tuesday. This was a great day for getting acclimated to their job site because on Tuesday they will be doing some more interacting with the clients of Turning Points.

RCMA Redlands Christian Migrant Association, Wimauma, FL

RCMA is a child care center for families of farmworkers. There are children of all ages including infants through school age children who are served at the facility. In the morning at RCMA the campers spend time with children in their various aged classrooms. They read stories, play games, and just hang out with them. (The baby room is very popular!) Once the children go down for a nap, our campers have lunch, and then work outside until its time to come back to camp. On this day they painted the same sandbox they painted two years ago (so cool that its used that much that we are now re-repairing things we worked on at our first mission camp!), painted a new fence and some picnic tables, planted plants and picked weeds in their playground area. When they arrived back at DaySpring, they prepared for the fiesta that our campers are throwing for the children on Wednesday!


RCMA was our focus site for the day, so we had two guest speakers come and talk to the whole camp on Monday afternoon. Their volunteer coordinator and their parent education resource person both came and spoke about their importance and impact of the work that RCMA does and how a community like our camp coming in and joining together with them makes an impact. Until RCMA existed, parents were forced to take their children out into the fields with them while they worked. This was very dangerous for children, and they also weren’t learning anything. Through the work of RCMA, children are able to get an education, parents are offered resources and family support.

For more on RCMA – check out this video that was made for the 50th anniversary of RCMA. There are centers all over Florida!


Our night at camp: After our guest speakers, we had some reflection on our days with the other people who went to our job sites with us. Then it was time for dinner. After dinner we had a pool party before coming inside for Ohana Groups. Ohana means family, and our Ohana Groups are made up of people from all three job sites and are meant to reflect on the mission experience as a whole. We ended our evening with worship in the chapel, which was led by Fr. Christian and the Junior Counselors.

Tuesday post will be coming ASAP!

Remember you can send your camper letters through Thursday at 12pm to campbunknotes@gmail.com. Please be sure to use the camper’s name as the subject line for easy delivery!

And don’y forget to join us for our Friends and Family Eucharist on Friday at 11am. Camper pick up is 12pm.


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