Mission Camp- Days 1&2 Picture Post


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Today we kicked off our first full day of mission camp by going to our mission sites. One group went to Turning Points which is a center for homeless people to have resources in job hunting, an address for important papers, And a place for a nice hot meal. The group that went today helped to clean up the area surrounding the center.

The other group went to R.C.M.A. a organization for migrant farmers. They provide low cost childcare, healthcare, and furniture for families that are in need. The two groups that went to R.C.M.A. helped out in the childcare centers one with the infant classroom and one with the elementary aged group.

After the work sites we headed back to camp with a quick stop for free Slurpees of course since it is 7/11. When we arrived back at camp, everyone changed clothes and we began of afternoon activities. The activities we had were friendship bracelets, Waterside, and canoeing.

We finished up the night after dinner with a drum circle and program time. We worked around our call to care and the gifts God has given us.

Remember, you can email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com

And join us for our closing Eucharist on Friday 7/15 at 1pm in the New Pavilion.

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