Mission Camp Day 3, 2015


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Camp is more than halfway over at this point, and it has been an incredible journey so far! I am so looking forward to what else is in store for our campers and everyone else who is able to experience this week along with us! Here are some pictures from our morning worship today 🙂

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We had a great third day at our mission sites and I’m not sure how we are ever going to say goodbye tomorrow!!!

The Turning Points site was sadly missing a camera today to capture all of the fun, but I have been assured that fun was definitely had by all! They measured and sealed rice to be passed out, helped with some paperwork, and moved some things around. At Turning Points, all of our work is being done behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to do! While the people we are impacting may not see our efforts directly, there is still much being accomplished!!

At RCMA we are planning a puppet show! That is what we worked on for a lot of the day today, along with our regular time playing with the children who are at the center. We have really fallen in love! So tomorrow we will perform our puppet show that we have planned along with the school age children who are spending their days during the summer at RCMA. Our audience will be the rest of the children, and we are hoping to blow them away with our entertainment!! (A camera did make it there today, so here are some pictures!)

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After we returned we had camper’s choice, more canoeing, more gaga pit, friendship bracelets, and yoga (among other things…) After camper’s choice was our Wacky Wednesday dinner, and then we watched “God’s Not Dead.” I you haven’t seen that movie yet (its on Netflix…) you need to check it out! There was lots of applause from the campers while they were watching, and the discussions afterwards went on for a long time!!

DSC_0065 DSC_0064 DSC_0063 DSC_0062 DSC_0061

Once we were through watching “God’s Not Dead” we had an opportunity to really connect with God by interacting with some prayer stations. There were many options available, many ways to pray and connect with God. I encourage you to ask your camper about some of the things they experienced during this time.

Off to bed now to prepare for our final day at the mission sites and our last full day of Middle School Mission Camp. Does it really have to end?! (I know, I’m sure all of the parents reading this are looking forward to seeing their kids again!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us for the week!!)

One final reminder that you can email you camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com. Please use their name as the subject line for easier distribution and remember that if we receive it after noon on Thursday, we may not be able to get it to your camper.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our Eucharist at 1pm on Friday 7/24 in the New Pavilion at DaySpring. Camper pick up will begin at 2pm.

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