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What a wacky day it has been!

We kicked the day off with breakfast, energizers, worship, and program…

and then it was time for….


We had some rain this afternoon and evening so many of our Wacky Wednesday plans shifted….

we watched a movie during Camper’s Choice, and had prayer stations inside tonight after program…

We don’t have too many pictures of those moments because, lets face it, who wants to see pictures of people watching a movie…and we like to keep the prayer stations private because its a very vulnerable time for campers…but you should definitely talk to your camper about all of the different ways they prayed!

We did watch a skit, and Kayla gave a talk on Grace, and Mike entertained us with some awesome music. And we had a great time with Fr. Michael as well!!!

Thursday at 12pm is the last time we guarantee delivery of bunk notes for the week – email your camper at CampBunkNotes@gmail.com

And join us for our closing Eucharist on Friday at 11am in the Program Center. Camper pick up will begin around 12pm.


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