Middle School Mission Week 2015


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Its Mission Week!!!

We are so excited for our first ever Middle School Mission week!!!

Mission week is off to a great start with campers from all over the diocese! Tonight we met in our family groups as well as our ohana groups. We met new friends, and among them was Michele Perry, who is an awesome missionary who has traveled all over the world working with different people.

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You can read more about Michele Perry’s story here:


Tomorrow morning we head out for our first day at our mission sites. Our campers split into two groups that will be visiting their assigned site each day this week (Monday-Thursday.) The two sites our campers will be working at are Turning Points in Bradenton http://tpmanatee.org/  and RCMA in Wimauma http://www.rcma.org/ .

Along with making our backpacks to carry our things in during the week, we had some really great worship with Neil, our worship leader for the week, and Fr. Michael Todd, our chaplain.

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Campers are all tucked into their cabins for the night to prepare for their big week!!

Keep checking back to our blog for pictures and updates. (We promise to post every day when possible!!)

You can also email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com. Please be sure to use your camper’s name as the subject line for easy delivery.

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  1. Devon Shank says:

    Looks like fun, i can believe they get father Micheal.

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