2013 Middle School Camp – WaCkY WeDnEsDaY!!!!


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Its hard to say what our favorite camp activity is because we have so many to choose from! But one camp favorite is definitely Wacky Wednesday!!

Campers and counselors are encouraged to dress in a “wacky” way for the day, and we hold our annual Camp Olympics out on the soccer field in the morning.

This Wednesday has been no different than the rest…

Ready to go!!!

Ready to go!!!

Narrowing it down....

Narrowing it down….


Voting which counselors will participate in the pudding toss...

Voting which counselors will participate in the pudding toss…


Counselors and Staff

Counselors and Staff

Power Orangers

Power Orangers

The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Blue Angels

Blue Angels




Camp Olympics!!!


Lemonade Relay

Sack Race

Sponge Relay

Water Balloon Toss

Tug of War

Pudding Toss

Getting ready for the Lemonade Relay

Getting ready for the Lemonade Relay

IMAG3470 IMAG3471 IMAG3506 IMAG3505 IMAG3504 IMAG3503 IMAG3502 IMAG3501 IMAG3500 IMAG3499 IMAG3498 IMAG3497 IMAG3496 IMAG3495 IMAG3494 IMAG3493 IMAG3492 IMAG3491 IMAG3490 IMAG3489 IMAG3488 IMAG3487 IMAG3486 IMAG3485 IMAG3484 IMAG3483 IMAG3482 IMAG3481 IMAG3480 IMAG3479 IMAG3477 IMAG3475 IMAG3474 IMAG3473 IMAG3472IMAG3508 IMAG3554 IMAG3553 IMAG3552 IMAG3551 IMAG3550 IMAG3549 IMAG3548 IMAG3547 IMAG3546 IMAG3545 IMAG3544 IMAG3543 IMAG3542 IMAG3541 IMAG3540 IMAG3539 IMAG3538 IMAG3537 IMAG3536 IMAG3535 IMAG3534 IMAG3533 IMAG3532 IMAG3531 IMAG3530 IMAG3529 IMAG3528 IMAG3527 IMAG3526 IMAG3525 IMAG3524 IMAG3523 IMAG3522 IMAG3521 IMAG3520 IMAG3519 IMAG3518 IMAG3517 IMAG3516 IMAG3515 IMAG3514 IMAG3513 IMAG3512 IMAG3511 IMAG3510 IMAG3509

The Katie/y's

The Katie/y’s

IMAG3556 IMAG3572 IMAG3571 IMAG3570 IMAG3569 IMAG3568 IMAG3567 IMAG3566 IMAG3565 IMAG3564 IMAG3563 IMAG3562 IMAG3561 IMAG3560 IMAG3559 IMAG3558 IMAG3557

IMAG3573 IMAG3595 IMAG3594 IMAG3593 IMAG3592 IMAG3591 IMAG3590 IMAG3589 IMAG3588 IMAG3587 IMAG3586 IMAG3585 IMAG3584 IMAG3583 IMAG3581 IMAG3580 IMAG3579 IMAG3578 IMAG3577 IMAG3576 IMAG3575 IMAG3574

And now….


Counselors and Staff: Anthony, Derek, Matt, Mother Michelle 🙂


IMAG3597 IMAG3598 IMAG3599



IMAG3602 IMAG3615 IMAG3614 IMAG3613 IMAG3612 IMAG3611 IMAG3610 IMAG3609 IMAG3608 IMAG3607 IMAG3606 IMAG3605 IMAG3604 IMAG3603

and after…

IMAG3616 IMAG3617 IMAG3618 IMAG3619 IMAG3624 IMAG3623 IMAG3622 IMAG3621 IMAG3620

Lots going on this afternoon, but we are hanging out inside for awhile since there is a thunderstorm coming! We have the talent show tonight, and the high ropes course tomorrow morning!

Thanks for keeping up with us here at camp.

Remember you can send your camper a message by emailing campbunknotes@gmail.com and putting your camper’s name as the subject.

Don’t forget our closing Eucharist service on Friday at 12:30pm, complete with a slideshow of pictures!!


2 Replies to “2013 Middle School Camp – WaCkY WeDnEsDaY!!!!”

  1. martha says:

    It looks like you guys having a lot’s of fun. Thanks

  2. Miggie Bade says:

    The pudding looks delicious! Beautiful pics. Thanks for keeping the parents posted!

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