Middle School Camp – Tuesday


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Is it only Tuesday?! It feels like we have been here for a week! In a good way!!!

(But really, I wish I could tell you how many people were talking to me about tomorrow thinking that “tomorrow” was Thursday!)

We had an eventful day today! (As always!!)

We began with morning worship, some program time, and low ropes with our Ohana Groups.

Here are some pictures from the low ropes course:

After lunch and siesta we had campers choice, and ran to dinner in the rain under tarps 🙂

Tonight we had program time. Jowee shared a great talk about being loved and loving others. (And it was animal night…)

Then we had our TALENT SHOW! It was so awesome…what a talented (and entertaining) group of campers we have this week!!!

And that’s all we have for today!!! Wednesday brings Camp Olympics, Wacky Wednesday and much more fun!

Remember: keep those bunk notes coming in – the campers are LOVING them! campbunknotes@gmail.com

And join us for our Closing Eucharist on Friday morning at 11am!

xoxo Katie

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