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First full day of Middle School Camp 2017 is in the books!

We kicked off our morning talking about the love that is all around us and the unconditional love that Jesus has for us!

After our program time this morning we went straight out to the new pool to check things out! It was overcast most of the day today, but that definitely did not stop us from having a great time!!

After the pool we went to lunch and had siesta. Then it was time for our first Camper’s Choice of the summer!!!! YAY!

During Camper’s Choice campers can choose from a variety of activities planned 🙂

After Camper’s Choice and Free Time we had dinner (which we made it to just in time for it to POUR for the next 90 minutes.) We had our Drum Circle at 7pm so getting back to the Program Center was fun, but most of the campers remained as dry as possible. (The same could not be said for the counselors who held umbrellas for them! But it was SO worth it!) Also, I promise, if your camper looks really straight faced in these drum pictures, its just because they’re super concentrated on working together and keeping the beat!

After the Drum Circle, we had some more program time where Donald and Mike shared about some of their struggles in life, things that have maybe kept them from God or caused them to question Him, but in the end how their faith helped them through.

We followed that up with worship (inside!) and some powerful prayer by staff and campers alike, and then back to our cabins for the night!

Remember: You can write your camper until 12pm on Thursday at CampBunkNotes@gmail.com

Our closing Eucharist is at a different time this year – 11:00am in the new DaySpring Program Center.

😀 Katie

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