Middle School Camp – First Night!


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It was a super fun and rainy first night of Middle School Camp 2016! We got through registration with just a little sprinkle, but just before heading down the road for dinner, it started pouring down rain! BUT, in true camp fashion, we gathered our umbrellas, ponchos, and tarps for large groups and made our way down to our first dinner as a camp.

After dinner we had some program time and met with our Ohana groups. We discussed our theme of “Called to Care” based off of Ephesians 4:1-7. We heard some talks from some of our staff about their call and how they knew or maybe still aren’t sure about their what their call is.

Our campfire was rained out tonight, but we got some extra time to hang out in our cabins and spend some time together in our new family groups!

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Don’t forget, you can email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com – emails will be distributed daily!

If you have any pictures, you can tag us on social media by using #edswflyouth and #howidayspring

Check back later for an update on Monday!!!

8 Replies to “Middle School Camp – First Night!”

  1. Cathy Brush says:

    Looks like the first night was fun! The forecast calls for dryer weather tonight, so hope you get your campfire in!

  2. Angie Castano says:

    good morning!!!!! this is Ana’s mom….love the pictures…. just a hug and kiss to my girl…love you and enjoy!!!!!!

  3. Lynn Shorter says:

    Looks like fun! Hopefully the rain doesn’t interfere with the activities too much.
    Is there a way to enlarge the photos of the day?

    • Katie says:

      My suggestion would be to just zoom in on your browser. I will attempt to see if I can make them clickable and larger. Unfortunately, our hosting website isn’t as compatible with this number of pictures at a higher resolution. Let me know if that works for you!

  4. Brenda alvis says:

    Hello this is johan mom nice picture please tell him that i love him so much ?

  5. Stacy Bartik says:

    Jonathan B.’s mom here! Looking forward to seeing more pictues! Hope all of you kiddos are having a great time! Jonathan…we love and miss you!!

  6. George Walters says:

    Kealey’s Dad– love the smiles. First time she’s been to this camp and love seeing pictures of my daughter making new friends. Thank you for posting pictures.

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