Middle School Camp 2021


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We’re back and its time for our third camp session this summer…Middle School! This afternoon 66 middle school campers made their way to DaySpring for a week away from home filled with endless fun activities!

Fr. Michael Todd is our chaplain this week and this evening in Chaplain’s Program he gave time for each cabin group to put together a poster of their plans in life. So many big plans in this group!

After that we played the Pillowcase Skit game tonight. Each cabin gets a short amount of time to go back to their cabins and fill a pillowcase with as many random things as they would like. Then the come back and are given different scenarios that they must act out using the props they brought back with them. Its safe to say we all had a blast!

Then it was time for Compline around the campfire and rounding the evening out with s’mores! Everyone is back in their cabins now and getting ready to rest up for the week.

You can check this link for pictures that are updated daily: https://flic.kr/ps/3qhVmx

Email your camper at CampBunkNotes@gmail.com (please include the first name and last initial for easy delivery.)

Join us on Friday to see our slideshow of pictures from the week and announcements at 11am in the Program Center, camper pickup begins at 11:30am.

Happy Camping!

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