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I think I heard someone ask tonight if it was Wednesday….that’s seriously what it feels like! So normally that would sound a bit like a negative like, “Oh we’ve been here so long its got to be Wednesday already.” But in the camp world, Wednesday is the best day. Wednesday is that day when everything starts to really click. Where things really take off.

So most camps that’s on Wednesday. Its only Monday. The end of the first 24 hours.

This camp is special.

So check out some of the things that we did today! We began our morning with energizers, worship, and leadership training. We talked about the importance of direct communication with others, and how to use “I messages” in our dialogue. (Among other things!) We also did an activity to do with working together and the impact we make on the people around us.

Then after that it was time to hit the pool!

This afternoon it was raining so we watched Moana and spent some time hanging out inside. (Side note: If you haven’t seen Moana, its on Netflix! Check it out!!!)

Then, into the evening we had dinner, then some more Leadership Training before worship, S’mores, ¬†and our newest activity…COUNSELOR HUNT!

Some pictures from S’mores and Counselor Hunt…

All in all, it was a great day. Everyone is in their cabins now and resting up for tomorrow’s adventures!

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Friends and Family Closing Eucharist on Friday at 11am. Camper pickup is at 12pm.


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