Last full day of Middle School Camp 2017


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Has it been that long already?

Is Middle School Camp really ending tomorrow?!

The time has really flown by! Tonight I was talking to some campers who asked if they could stay another week, or could we make it longer next year, or a variety of other questions about staying at camp longer 🙂 That really makes us feel good!!! We love our campers, and while we have had some challenges this week, isn’t that what its really all about?  Our hope is to send your kid back to you knowing just a little bit more about themselves and a lot more about God.

Our morning activity today was high ropes, and it was the best! We had great weather, and lots of energy surrounding the day. It was really neat to see the campers encouraging each other through their fears and nerves. This afternoon we were able to squeeze in some canoe and pool time before and during the rain (but before the lightning!!) This evening we had our Hootenanny with Barney, and closed out the evening with some reflections of the week. All in all, it was really a great day! Check out some of our awesome pictures from the day!

Don’t forget to join us at 11am on Friday, June 16th for our Closing Eucharist in the “New New” Program Center! We look forward to seeing everyone there!!


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