Its time for High School Camp!!!!


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Its our second camp, our first full week session of the summer! And we are setting records with almost 70 campers in one session!

Our first night started out great with welcomes and introductions followed by dinner.

After dinner, we enjoyed some music led by our awesome music team, and Chaplain’s Program let by Rev. Carla McCook, St. Margaret of Scotland, Sarasota. Our theme for this summer is “The Way of Love.” Which is part of our Presiding Bishop’s progam and call that he has laid out to the Episcopal Church. Tonight we talked about the word “turn.” Turn focuses on turning away from sin and the things that hold us back from a relationship with Christ. We practice this in our baptismal covenant in the questions we respond to.

After Chaplain’s Program we had Counselor’s Program and because there was a storm outside we played “The Pillowcase Game.” Where each cabin fills one pillowcase of items that they can use as props during improvisational skits. It was tons of fun, and there was lots of laughter!!

Check out our pictures from today (and the rest of the week) here:

Email your camper at Bunk Notes are distributed daily but are not guaranteed delivery if sent after 12pm on Thursday afternoon.

Don’t forget to join us for our closing Eucharist at 11am on Friday in the program center. Camper pick up will begin at 12pm.

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