2012: Hootenanny Time!


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Our wacky Wednesday today greeted our campers with their beloved friend Barney, and our rootin’, tootin’, fun time of a Hootenanny!

Campers were welcome back from dinner into the new pavilion were a good friend from past camps named Barney stood with guitar in hand, and with a smile that welcomed all with excitement and encouragement to have a good time.

The first part of many in the hootenanny began with some square dancing along with the Virginia Reel, danced to the tune of many melodies including church hymns, country songs, rock songs, and a little Jamaican style songs all mashed together in a melodic rhythm with joy uncontained.

The next part provided campers with many opportunities to express themselves through creative dance moves. Starting with “Boom-Chicka-Boom” where Barney lead campers to follow after himself with expressive movement representing types of people like bikers, cheerleaders, dog groomers, and janitors. The next part of the expressive dancing was called “Chili-Chili/Boomerang” where campers are encouraged to dance their “Boomerang” (whatever style of dance that they choose to dance) with a beat from Barney’s drum.

The final part of the hootenanny was surrounded with the inspirational sounds of Barney’s piano, drum, and guitar playing accompanied by his voice in song. Some of the music portrayed was “Mother Mary” by the Beatles, singing along with the drum in the drum circle, “Don’t take it so Seriously” to encourage campers not to be so worrisome, “Listen to our Hearts” to show campers to look into the hearts of others as God does, and finally “All as One” which encourages campers to have friendship with love and to work  together to create friendship with all people so that all can feel at home together.

3 Replies to “2012: Hootenanny Time!”

  1. Betsey says:

    Blessings to all of you and thanks be to God!!

  2. Andrea says:

    Oh my goodness!!! It looks, as always, like an amazing time was had by ALL!!! Dayspring, you sure know how to throw a party! I am only sad I have “aged out” of your summer camp…lol. Thank you on behalf of all us parents for giving our children memories that will last a lifetime and acceptance they will carry with them always. It is THE greatest gifts you could give. Hugs to all of your hard-working camp Counselors for being stellar human beings with such tremendous spirit and ENERGY! They will never fully comprehend the difference they make in the lives of their campers!

  3. admin says:

    Actually, its a big THANK YOU to PARENTS for sending your children to Diocesan camp and in Faith supporting your parish, which in turn supports the Diocese/DaySpring and enables all of this to happen.

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