High School Leadership Camp 2015


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We are off to a fantastic (and rainy) start here at our first Leadership Camp! We have 22 campers here at DaySpring for the week to do camp activities and leadership training with Youth Presence Ministries.

In our Ohana groups tonight we spent some time telling each other our stories and learning about each other. We created collages that described us and then we drew a picture of a river that told the ups and downs of our life stories. (Some of the campers decided to connect all of the rivers together to create our community.) We enjoyed lots of music from Fran McKendree tonight and worship with Fr. Eric Kahl before heading back to our cabins for the night.

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We are looking forward to tomorrow to jumping back into leadership training and our focus groups. Pray that the rain gives us enough time to be outside and enjoy nature.

Remember that you can email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com and use your camper’s name as the subject line of the email.


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