Good Morning, Dayspring!


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What a beautiful morning we are having: the sun coming through the trees,  a cool breeze. All our wonderful campers are just starting to roll over and take in their breathtaking surroundings. What a true blessing!

Last night we had some nervous campers awaiting their first night at stay away camp.. But they survived it! The cabins were all sleeping soundly by ten and God was working through their hearts and minds preparing them for another loaded day.

Today I woke up, and simply said this prayer:

“Lord, Good Morning. I don’t know where you are going today, but I’m going with you. Watch over each of these campers as they strive to do what God calls them to do, and bless each of the counselors and staff members. We are so blessed to be here and I know you have an amazing gift waiting to be found in each of our hearts this week. Lord, keep us all mindful of your presence shining through like the morning rays. I feel you in every being around me and in every breath I take. Thank you for all you have done. ¬†Amen”

Each of your children attending Dayspring Summer Camp 2012 is being prayed for all day by the staff here. We are so looking forward to our first official day and are so ready to make memories through Christ that will last a lifetime. Thank you for this opportunity.

We will be checking in each morning and evening to keep you updated on the campers and staffs experiences here.

Have a blessed day.

“I have called you by name: and you are mine.” -Isaiah 43:1

Courtney Pollard

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  1. Anne & Marshall Ferrell says:

    This is a late reply, but thank you Courtney.

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