2012: Fun In The Sun


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After what seemed like endless days of rainy weather, the sun finally came out to play with our DaySpring campers. Although our morning consisted of indoor activities which was provided by the Pathfinders crew, God blessed our campers with some much needed fun in the sun. Campers were able to participate in a number of activities during the four hour slot of sunny weather. Outdoor activities ranged from tie-dying to belly flops on the slip-n-slide. Unfortunately, as the sun went down, the rain came back. The weather never deterred any of our campers or staff from enjoying themselves. Smores were made in the pavilion. Bingo was played promptly after. The winners of bingo were given a whip cream pie to splatter on their victim of choice’s face. There was nothing but smiles on this gloomy day. Even though the projected forecast for the week is rainy one, we do not plan on allowing it to interfere with our plans of having a great time at camp and will constantly be praying to God to provide us with more fun in the sun!!!


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  1. Miggie Bade says:

    Looks like everyone is having a great time! Wish I could go to camp…

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