2018: First Official Day of Camp !!!!!


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Welcome to DaySpring Summer Camp 2018!!!

The counselors and the entire staff have been working tirelessly for almost a week now preparing for all of the upcoming sessions this summer, but were extremely excited today to welcome our first groups of campers for the summer: BreakOut 2018!!!

Our first session is a “mini” session intended to help transition campers (and parents!) into the wonderful world of sleep away camp. But, with the shorter amount of time, it also means that we really hit the ground running so we can squeeze in as much fun as possible 😀

Our 3rd-5th grade campers arrived this afternoon, and we immediately did some introductions and headed to a camper favorite: Curry Hall! Curry Hall is where we have all of our meals, and can be a very exciting place. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a good buffet??

After dinner, we headed back to the “New New” (the affectionate name for the Program Center here at DaySpring.) Here we split up into groups and had a contest dressing up the Junior Counselors (our high schoolers on staff.) When we were through picking the best dressed, we headed to the pool for a POOL PARTY!!!

Once we were dried off and changed, it was time for our Chaplain’s Program. During this time a priest and/or youth leader from around the diocese provides a time of Christian formation for our campers. This week, we are super lucky to be joined by Fr. Ryan Whitley who is currently at St. Thomas in St. Petersburg. (He is joined by his son, Jackson, who is also super awesome!)

Our theme this summer is “Living Water” and Fr. Ryan started taking us through the story of Joseph. We made mobiles to represent our lives and the important people in it. Fr. Ryan is a fantastic story teller, and the kids and entire staff were really amazed to hear him begin the story of Joseph.

As we wrapped up Chaplain’s Program for the night, we headed out to the campfire for compline and some songs before heading back to our cabins for the night. Campers are all settled in and fast asleep now. Everyone had a great night, and we are all looking forward to going tree climbing tomorrow morning! (Along with everything else that we have planned for the day!)

So, this year, we’re sharing our pictures in a bit of a different way. We’re trying something new in hopes that pictures will be easier for you to access and capture. Check out our 2018 BreakOut album on Flickr here:


More pictures will be added by a few of us here at camp as the days go on, so keep checking it out!

Also, do not forget that you can email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com. Emails that are sent after Thursday at 12pm are not guaranteed delivery, and please include your child’s first and last name as the subject line of the email. (This makes it way easier for us to sort and distribute emails.)

While the fun has just begun, we’re already looking ahead to our closing Eucharist on Friday at 11am in the New New. (Same place campers were dropped off today!!)

See you soon!

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  1. Kelle J Schnabel says:

    Hooray for Katie and her team of counselors! I hope all of you have a great summer with all the kiddos.

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