End of High School Camp 2019


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Wow, we have been BUSY! I hope you have been able to check out all of our photos as we have continued to upload them here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmE9QDym

From a lip sync battle to high ropes, our waterslide and archery, to the Hootenanny. We have had a BLAST this week! It is so amazing to see the transformation that campers make throughout the week, at the high school age, many of them know each other well when they get here, but there are always some new faces. It can be a challenge for all campers, but sitting around tonight watching them sing together with their arms around each other, it was easy to see that something special happened here this week.

I hope you’ll join us for our closing Eucharist tomorrow at 11am in the program and that you’ll be able to notice the same thing. High school kids (some not even having started high school yet) living together in a great community after a few short (or long??) days.

Also, we have another high school session open in two weeks – High School Mission Camp. Register ASAP if interested at dayspringfla.org.

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