Elementary End of the Journey


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Sadly our final full day has come to end, but we sure made the best of every situation, even enduring the weather outside!

After breakfast, we took the kids outside to have a field day. We had different types of games that the kids could play! We had Capture the Flag, Frisbee, just kicking a soccer ball around, Wonderball, and after took them back to chill outside by the water slide, and some even just wanted to play Vollyball, read, draw, and even play in the sand!

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We had our daily God Talk in the Chapel, and the craft today was making either a board game or just color whatever their creative minds could think of. After dinner is when the fun REALLY began, when a good friend of ours named Barney came with his friend David to give the kids a rootin, tootin time of a Hootnanny. All the kids participated and it was one night i’m sure they will never forget.

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We are all sad that camp is over, but can’t wait to see all the parents and guardians of these awesome campers again! Tomorrow we will be having a closing Eucharist at 12:30 PM that we encourage all to attend, just to have a great send off of the campers! If you wish to not attend, camper pick up will be promptly between 1 and 2 PM.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

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