2017 Elementary Camp – Wacky Wednesday


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We began our Wednesday morning with worship up in the Canopy Walk – it was so much fun! After that it was time for our annual Camp Olympics! We did a ball passing race and a shoe relay inside before we voted on which counselors were going to get pudding thrown at them later in the pudding toss.

Then we went outside for the water balloon toss, lemonade relay and pudding toss! Everyone was messy and needed to be rinsed off outside before they went back to their cabins to get ready for lunch.


After lunch and siesta we had chapel and crafts and got rained out (again) from the pool. We’re going to try to switch it around tomorrow and make it to the pool before the afternoon storms come. Fingers crossed! Prayers for no lightning so we can enjoy the pool one last time!

We had a cookout for dinner tonight, spent some time playing outside and then had our evening worship in the Chapel.

After evening worship, we did prayer stations in the Program Center and learned some different ways we can pray and talk to God.

All in all, it was a great day! When I was talking to a couple of kids tonight they were telling me that they were ready to go home but they didn’t want to leave…all at the same time! SO sweet!!! <3

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Don’t forget to join us for our friends and family Eucharist with a picture slideshow on Friday at 11am in the Program Center!

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