2017 Elementary Camp – First Night


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We’re back!

After our two week break from camp, we’re kicking it off with a fantastic group of campers at Elementary Camp!

Its so much fun to be with a group of campers who are less familiar with camp and being away from home. All of the sweet and innocent questions we get during this week really help me notice the impact we’re making on these camper’s lives. I love the way they instantly look up to the counselors we have here for direction and information.

And they CAN’T WAIT to sleep in their bunk beds!!! Will the lights be off while we sleep? Can we keep one light on? Can we play with our friends before we go to bed? When is dinner? What time do we go to the pool? Can we roast marshmallows tonight? (We DID by the way..) Do you have any stuffed animals here? I forgot mine. (We DO! Campers get their camp buddies tomorrow!!!)

So after our quick Q and A session we went to dinner (just after the rain settled a bit!) We came back to the Program Center and played some games in our groups for the week and sang some worship songs. Then it was time for Compline at the campfire and roasting marshmallows for s’mores! We also got to celebrate a birthday tonight!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTONIO!

Everyone had a great time tonight and everyone is settled into their cabins tonight. Looking forward to canoes, chapel, and pool time tomorrow! We also have our drum circle!

Don’t forget, you can email your camper at CampBunkNotes@gmail.com. Emails will be placed on camper’s beds before they go to bed each night and the cut off is 12pm on Thursday.


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  1. CORETTA BUTTS says:

    Adorable I love the photos. It is great to see all the lovely smiles

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