Elementary Camp- Day 3


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What an amazing third day we had here at camp. We started the day off with a drum circle lead our friend Jana. After that wonderful experience we moved to archery with Slade and canoes for the rest of the morning.

After lunch we had quiet time in the cabins followed by arts and crafts were we painted little tiles in patterns of our choosing. Not surprisingly a lot of poke’ balls popped up on faces of tiles. In chapel we dug deeper into our theme and better bonded with our camp buddies.

The night wrapped up with our friend Barney who came to do a Rootin’ Tootin Hootenanny and even stuck around through worship.

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Join us for closiong Eucharist at 1Pm on 7/22 in the New Pavillion.

2 Replies to “Elementary Camp- Day 3”

  1. Lynn Shorter says:

    Looks like sooooo much FUN! Thank you to the photographer for all of the wonderful, happy pictures. Give Bella and Jade a hug for us.
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Katy White says:

    Yes, hugs to Andrew from Mom, Charlotte and Daddy. Thanks for the pictures!

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