Elementary Camp 2019


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We’re off to a great start at Elementary Camp! We are still talking about The Way of Love this summer, but this week our Chaplain, Ayana, put a superhero spin to it! During Chaplain’s Program tonight we talked about our favorite superheroes and what makes them so super. We discussed how we all have a superpower – love! We have the power to make or break someone’s day by the things we say and do. So special!

Our Counselor’s Program tonight was super interesting…the campers took the Junior Counselors to their cabins tonight to dress them up for the annual JC Fashion Show! They definitely outdid themselves! Major props to our Junior Counselors for being such good sports!

Check out this link all week for pictures of what we do each day 🙂 https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEUa8Lu

You can email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.org each day! Please include their first and last name as the subject line so we can make sure it gets delivered to the correct camper. **Emails sent after 12pm on Thursday are not guaranteed delivery.**

Make plans to join us on Friday morning at 11am for our closing Eucharist. Camper pick up will begin at 12pm.

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