Do you trust me? Campers Vs. Counselors


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Terry started the day off with enthusiasm and faith. Campers opened up to meeting new peers and trusting one another.

We began the morning off with blessing, a hearty breakfast, laughs, and quality time with cabin groups. Branching off has been our objective for the day and we are off to a great start.

Veering from the cabins and New Pavilion, we ventured daringly into the woods. Each counselor paired off with a small group of campers, only to be led blindly (counselors eyes closed.. scary!) through the brush and trees to a open field of outdoor obstacles where we shared our first adventure!

Working as a team, campers and counselors competed as a whole to balance on an enormous wooden see-saw. (pictures will be posted tonight after bedtime) as quickly as possible without tipping to either side. This demonstrated teamwork and cooperation with one another.

Heading back to the dining hall, we had a delicious pizza buffet, all leaving stuffed and ready for a nap.

The campers are now enjoying a restful cabin quiet time to re-energize for today’s remaining activities.

As counselors and staff, our objective for the day is to show the love of Christ with each other. A smile, a pat on the back, a WOOHOO, a “that a boy/girl!” This means something to someone when they are given with love.

God has truly been working through each and every one of the campers and staff in that we are all truly coming together as a group and learning to do God’s work and find our special gift.

Courtney Pollard & Robin Mesar

4 Replies to “Do you trust me? Campers Vs. Counselors”

  1. K M Happney says:

    Where are the pictures?

  2. Hamilton's Parents says:

    Loved seeing the photos from Sunday!
    So eager to see Monday’s photos.
    Can’t locate any additional photos as of Tuesday at 12:15 pm.

    Thank you!

  3. M Toscano says:

    Sunday and Monday’s posts were great. Only have seen Sunday photos. Can you please post some of Monday and Tuesdays photos so we can see the kids enjoying themselves and so the parents (Me,lol…) can stop worrying! Thanks!

  4. counselor says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for all your patience and prayers!
    There were some technical problems and so I have posted an entire blog of just pictures for you all to see.
    I will continue to add to that blog as well as write more updates tonight! There was a rain storm yesterday and it slowed us all down a bit.
    Thank you all again! We are having such an amazing and God filled experience!
    God Bless,
    Courtney Pollard

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