Dayspring Summer Camp Elementary Level, Day One


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Campers began arriving around 3:30 pm at Dayspring ready to have some fun! Began with an exciting game of elbow tag along with a bunch of other ice breakers. Had some amazing pasta for dinner then went back to the New Pavilion for the Bishop to bless the campers crosses and Bible’s. Following that we all went outside for some out door activities!  including volley ball, four square, basketball, tennis and more!!  The campers are already coming out of their shells and having a great time I am really looking forward to this upcoming week:)


3 Replies to “Dayspring Summer Camp Elementary Level, Day One”

  1. Yazmin Castro says:

    Thanks for all the pictures, it looks like they are having lots of fun 😉 I want to be there ;(

  2. K M Happney says:

    Whats happening with Mondays camp day pics?

  3. Lori Taplow says:

    Love the updates. Anxious for more photos!

    Many thanks!

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