BreakOut Camp – First Night


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Today was our very first day of camp! The counselors and staff have been here for a few days already training and preparing for the upcoming weeks, but today was extra special because we were able to officially welcome our first campers of Summer 2016 AND its even more special because it is our first ever time using the BreakOut program in the Diocese of Southwest Florida. (A special thanks to the Diocese of Florida for allowing us to come observe and sharing your materials!)

Since it was our first day of camp, we voted to go Wacky Tacky to breakfast in the morning so we had more time to prepare ourselves. We had some program time tonight with our program staff of the week, Elaine. (With assistance from all of the counselors and junior counselors!!) After dinner we had our drum circle with Jana from Drum Magic. (If you have never met Jana, check out her website She has an awesome program for people of all ages, and she provides drums for everyone!!!)

After our drum circle, we had worship and Compline with Fr. Christian and our music team, and went off to our cabins for bed! (But not before we had flashlight time from our bunks!)

We have a small but mighty group of elementary schoolers for our first ever session of BreakOut, and the next 2.5 days are going to be so awesome!

Don’t forget, you can email your camper through Friday at noon at Emails will be distributed through Friday noon, and cannot be guaranteed after that.

Join us for our closing Eucharist in the New Pavilion at 1pm on Saturday!

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  1. Katy White says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Thank you so much for posting so many pictures!

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