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Summer is finally here! We are so excited that the camp season is officially beginning! And what a way to kick it off with our BreakOut Camp! BreakOut is a program formed in the Diocese of Florida designed as a short retreat for upper elementary/lower middle school students. The Diocese of Southwest Florida and DaySpring Summer Camp are excited to have taken that program and adapted it to fit into our summer camp!

SO, 2017 BreakOut began today! We have a fantastic group of 21 campers who are all very excited to be here at camp. I was asked a couple of times tonight if we were going to tie dye before we went to bed, when s’mores are, when are we going canoeing, etc. They are so pumped for these couple of days!

After registration we played some games and got to know our Ohana groups ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Then it was time for dinner! (Another highly requested activity.)

New this year we have dining room hosts – Brittney and Jowee. They taught us all about the dining room before we got in line to eat our delicious dinner.

After dinner it was time to head back to the Program Center the “New New” as some have been calling it…for some worship and program time. The BreakOut program is designed around a tree – rooted in faith, growing in hope and spreading the love!

We also did a quick scavenger hunt in the rain to begin building our tree. (Pictures of that coming tomorrow!!!)

Our Ohana Groups:

And then we went outside (between the rain!) for Compline and songs around the campfire. (I told the campers tonight that campfire is the second most “camp” this you can do…they’re waiting to find out what the #1 thing is!!!)

Now everyone is off to bed, safe and sound! They’re settling in just fine and can’t wait to jump into the new pool as the first official campers of Summer 2017!

Remember, you can send your camper an email through Friday at 12pm at If you put the camper’s name as the subject line, it makes it really easy for us to distribute.

And, don’t forget to join us for our closing Eucharist at a NEW TIME this year – 11:00am in the “New New” Program Center at DaySpring. Camper pick up begins at 12:00pm.

๐Ÿ˜€ Katie

2 Replies to “BreakOut 2017 – Day 1”

  1. Mike Swartz says:

    Is there a blog to monitor or do I subscribe?
    Will I see an update tomorrow on Friday with Thursdays activities.
    Please tell Hanna S Mom and Dad said Hi!
    Mark Cabin

    • Katie says:

      Hi Mike! We try to post each night with updates and pictures from the day so check back in the mornings for the previous days activities! You may catch it if you check late enough at night, but we wait until the campers are back in their cabins for the night before we work on the website. We will also show a short slideshow of pictures and the closing Eucharist on Saturday morning – its super fun because the campers haven’t seen any pictures yet! Hanna is having a great time!

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