Aaaaaaand we’re off! Time for Middle School Week!!!


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I am happy to report that all of our counselors made it back to DaySpring safe and sound! We are somewhat rested, but definitely excited for the week ahead! We have about 20 more campers this week than we did last week, so we have some hard work ahead of us, but things are starting off great!

We started off with some games to get to know each other…

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Then after dinner we walked around DaySpring to see where we are going to spend our week. Once we came back into the almost cool air conditioning, we split up into 4 groups and came up with group names 🙂

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The Disciplettes

The Disciplettes


The Dream Team

The Dream Team


Unique Angels

Unique Angels


Superior Squirt Dragons

Superior Squirt Dragons


Everyone is in bed now resting up for our first full day tomorrow!!

You can email your camper by putting their name in the subject line and sending it to

See you tomorrow!!!

7 Replies to “Aaaaaaand we’re off! Time for Middle School Week!!!”

  1. devon shank says:

    looks like fun! Have a good week you guys.

  2. Debbie Sandlin says:

    Great start to a week of fun, WTG everyone !!

  3. Betsey says:

    Great posters! Love the names! I hope today was great!

  4. Mary paynic says:

    Hi Katherine I love you and your team name.Have a great day and have fun <3

  5. Julie Happney says:

    Looks like everyone is off to an awesome start! ThoseSuperior Squirt Dragons are quite a team. WTG guys! Have a great week.

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