A Walk on Water


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God has blessed this camp with such appreciative children. We began yesterday with Tammy from Pathfinder once again and split into groups for outdoor activities. As you know, the children are in various cabins that are split in half, and based on which side you stay on, you are assigned a station.

Group A gathered in the New Pavilion and were provided with a huge water slide to burn some energy on as well as sports and even a place to gather on the tennis courts and play games. At the same time as this, group B was sent to the dock where pathfinder was waiting for us. We were CANOEING! I have never seen the children so excited and nervous!

It was interesting to observe how after only a few days, each child has grown in their faith and friends as well. They listened attentively as we were instructed how to properly enter a canoe, and all the counselors had to laugh at the various answers to getting into a canoe and being safe on the water. They are all so creative and full of life! It truly lifts us each up!

As we were out on the water , the kids were ready to learn about the different animals, currents and trees out on the lake. We listened to an exciting lesson from Tammy and Javier only to jump into canoe tag. This worked on the campers teamwork skills.

One of the most beneficial parts of the canoe trip was seeing how much the campers trust us. I had two children in my boat who were absolutely scared out of their minds and just by telling them it was all okay and that I wouldn’t let go of them, they calmed down and there was such a sense of peace. God was working through all of the staff.

Later in the day, we came back and began making wind chimes. We based this activity off of Hebrews 11:1, teaching the children that although we may not be able to see God, we know He is there. Just like the wind. We cannot see the wind, but we know it is there because there are signs of the wind all around us. God is all around leaving fingerprints for us to find.

Today we held the summer Olympics. It was the funniest sight! The counselors cheered on every camper in the various activities and campers were even given the opportunity to throw pudding at the counselors. We showered, ate lunch.

We have been getting some rain today, really bringing everything to life as we take our quiet time. The kids are all doing a fabulous job as we continue to wear them out each day.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Courtney Pollard

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