2018 Mission Camp – Double Post Day 3 and 4!!


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So sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been having some technical difficulties with the blog, but I think I’ve got it all taken care of now! (Pictures have continued to be updated, so no worries there!!!)

All is well here at camp, everyone is working hard, having a great time, and exhausted at the end of each day! We really need siesta time when we get back from work each afternoon. It’s also really nice to relax in the pool after that too!

Mission sites are going well, I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day!

RCMA Wimauma Groves has revamped the outdoor play space, and has been coming over later in the afternoons to help out at RCMA Wimauma Early Education! In the mornings they’re playing with the kids in their classrooms and out on the playground.

RCMA Wimauma Early Education spent the morning out on the soccer field with the students and then headed in to do some activities in the classroom. In the afternoon they worked on finishing up painting the HUGE treehouse in the middle of the playground area. (They almost finished, just a bit more to do tomorrow.) Also tomorrow, both RCMA sites are joining up to have a fiesta with all of our campers and students at the centers. Our campers have been working on decorations during their siesta and free time <3 So sweet!

Portamento of Hope is working on finishing their shower area that they’re building, they’ve run into a few challenges, but they’re pushing through and hope to finish quickly and then head into downtown Tampa to pass out waters and food and pray with people they meet. Tonight they painted tiles to go in the shower area, what a great idea from the campers!

On Sunday we talked about what mission is in our Chaplain’s Program time. Monday night our talks and discussion were centered around identifying our differences. How are the people who make up our world similar? How are we different? Campers have also been working in journals.

Tuesday night we talked about connecting with people. About building relationships. Campers reflected on how they interacted with other team members as well as people they met on their sites. They also created posters to help illustrate all of their individual connections connecting to a greater call to be one body with Jesus Christ as the head.

Tonight we discussed challenge that can come up when we’re doing the work that God wants us to do, which isn’t always necessarily the work we want to do. What have been our greatest challenges this week? How has God used us to serve his people?

We also did our prayer stations this evening as our Counselor’s Program. This is a really special time in the life of camp, and I think was especially meaningful tonight as camper’s have just one day left at their sites and have been through, learned, and witnessed so much in just a few short days.

That’s all for now! Last full day tomorrow!!

Check out some pictures from the week here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmn9gPa9

Email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com. Bunk notes need to be submitted by 12pm on Thursday to be guaranteed delivery before the end of camp.

Join us on Friday at 11am in the Program Center for our Closing Eucharist. Camper pick up begins at 12pm.

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