2018 Mission Camp – Day 2


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Mission Camp!!!! We have had a busy first day! Lots of running around and lots of hard work!!!

We split into three different sites: RCMA Wimauma Groves, RCMA Wimauma Early Education Center, and Portamento of Hope.

At RCMA Wimauma Groves campers and staff spent the morning playing with the children who attend the daycare center. With the older group of children, campers helped them with their math and reading work. They also helped with lunch and then headed outside for their lunch break and to work on some things around the grounds while the younger children napped. They did things like organize closets, pull weeds, and other general maintenance to the playground areas.

At RCMA Wimauma Early Education Center they are running a summer program that is only for school-aged kids, so there are less children at this site. When we got there, they were playing outside so the campers played with them until it was time to go in. When we went inside we did introductions and played some games that helped us to get to know each other and learn more about the children. Then it was their free play time so we played a bunch of board games with them until it was time for them to have lunch. After we ate our lunch we also did some general maintenance around the grounds and mulched in places that needed it as well as started painting a large tree house that is the center of their outdoor play space.

At Portamento of Hope campers worked to help to organize supplies that are there, they also broke into smaller groups to help individuals. At lunchtime, they served a meal to residents of a nearby trailer park. In the afternoon the spent time working on the outdoor shower facility that is being added on there. They worked hard to prepare the ground, and they are hoping to mostly complete the project by the end of their time there this week.

When the campers arrived back at camp everyone was ready for siesta and free time at the pool! After that, it was time for dinner and then Chaplain’s Program and Counselor’s Program. During Chaplain’s Program, Fr. Bryan talked with the campers to help them really understand the things that they saw and experienced during the day. After that, they broke into groups based off of their sites to reflect together on the work that was done and the work that is to come for the remainder of the week.

Rain got in the way of the planned Counselor’s Program (Counselor Hunt) so we had a variety of inside activities available until it was time to head outside for the campfire and s’mores. (The rain stayed away for that!!) Now everyone is in their beds and resting up for tomorrow!!!

Check out some pictures from the week here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmn9gPa9

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