2018 Middle School – Day 2


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We are off to such a wild and crazy start here at Middle School Camp that it felt like Thursday night by the end of the day! We started our day with breakfast, energizers in the New New, and then some morning worship time.


After that we headed out to the high ropes course. While out there campers did many activities like climbing up to the zip line, the leap of faith, and other high ropes elements. There is always a job for everyone because the people on the ground are just as important because they keep the climbers locked into them and help to keep their ropes tight. There are some really brave campers here this week!


When we were done having fun up in the sky it was time for lunch and then siesta. After our rest time, we split into two groups for the afternoon and some campers went out on canoes, while others spent time tree climbing and working on their tie dye. We met back up in the afternoon for some time at the pool before heading off to dinner.


Our Chaplain’s Program this evening was really fun as we continued our talk about Living Water and each Ohana Group worked together to invent their own energy drink including its ingredients. We’re going to continue that activity tomorrow and follow it up with what might be in the Living Water that we want to be drinking.


Our Counselor’s Program for the first day was our infamous Hootenanny with Barney! Some campers were a little intimidated at first, but after they saw that everyone can have fun with the dances, we had everyone showing off their best dance moves!


When we were done with the Hootenanny it was time to wind down for the evening with Compline before heading back to our cabins. That’s all for tonight!


Check out our album for the week (pictures are always being uploaded!): https://www.flickr.com/gp/158761071@N05/g0h47h


And email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com. We will be delivering notes until Thursday at 12pm. Anything sent after that may not be delivered.


Do not forget to join us for our Closing Eucharist on Friday morning at 11am!


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