2018 Middle School Camp – LAST DAY!


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Last day of camp already!? But we’re still having fun!!!


It was an amazing last day of Middle School Camp, and I think we’re really sending home some new middle schoolers! They’ve definitely grown more than 5 days worth this week! While we are sad to see them go, we know that it is going to be really great for them to go home to their families. And, it doesn’t have to be goodbye – we have another camp for middle schoolers this summer! Mission Camp is in two weeks and is a really fun and different camp! (Check out dayspringfla.org for more information!!!)


So, this morning was sooo fun…it was CAMP OLYMPICS!!! Each cabin side had a flag and we had our Opening Ceremony where they all paraded into the New New and cheered and chanted for their team. It was SO COOL! Each cabin side competed in different relays and ended with one of our favorite camp traditions, the pudding toss!!


In the afternoon, once everyone was rinsed off from the fun and we had lunch and siesta, it was time for campers choice. Campers were able to go out in canoes again and play outside, and go in the pool and do all the things!!! Campers also practiced their various talents for the talent show.


Dinner was a BBQ outside hosted by the amazing DaySpring Conference Center staff, and then we had Chaplain’s Program around the campfire. After Chaplain’s Program, we had a talent show and we have some amazingly talented campers here this week!!!


Thank you to everyone for a fantastic week! Don’t forget to check out Mission Camp coming up soon!!


Check out and download pictures from the week here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/158761071@N05/431ZM1

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