2018 Middle School Camp – Day 4


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Day 4 already?! We have crammed so much into these last 4 days, its really incredible! Be prepared, you’re going to have some sleepy campers when they get home on Friday!


This morning we started out with the usual; breakfast, energizers, and morning worship. Then we alternated activities from yesterday – waterfront and low ropes. We spent the morning doing that and then hit the pool before lunch. This is definitely a good trend since we weren’t able to use the pool this afternoon because of lightning.


Luckily after lunch, our tree climbing friends were able to make it through tree climbing since they got “lightning-ed” out yesterday. We also started camper’s choice this afternoon and did activities like archery, drawing, gaga ball, four square, friendship bracelets, hiking before the storm hit this afternoon.


We took shelter from the storm and watched a bit of Moana before heading out to dinner. After dinner, we had our Chaplain’s Program in the chapel and then did one of the best DaySpring traditions, prayer stations. Prayer station night is a really special time for campers at camp. Its really need to show them different ways to pray and also to see them support each other through tough times.


Tomorrow morning in Camp Olympics, and our head counselors are still up getting all of the fun activities prepped! Its going to be a great last day of camp!


Don’t forget to check out our pictures from the week here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/158761071@N05/Dm9274


And Thursday at 12pm is the last chance for you to email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com.


Our Closing Eucharist will begin at 11am in the Program Center and camper pick up begins at 12pm.



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