2018 Middle School Camp – Day 3


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Today at camp was so much fun! We began our morning with our usual routines, and then divided up to go to the waterfront to play a game of Battleship and to the low ropes course. It was really great to get right back out there this morning. (Especially because we had some lightning and rain this afternoon!!!)


When we had our fill of canoes and low ropes team building activities, we headed to the pool for a free swim before lunch.


After lunch was siesta and then in the afternoon we split up to go tree climbing and canoeing. (Opposite groups from yesterday!) We were only out there for a bit, just started canoeing and just barely up in trees before the lightning was too close and we had to head back in. We (mostly) made it inside before we got tooooo soaked from the rain. While we dried off we watched the movie, Coco. It was a nice relaxing way to ride out the storm.


Then it was time to get ready for dinner. After dinner, we headed over to the chapel to have our Chaplain’s Program. Sometimes at camp, we write our sins or things that we’re sorry for on paper and then watch them burn away in the campfire, but since our theme, this year is “Living Water” we used dissolving paper to write on and watched it dissolve away into the water. SO cool!


For the Counselor’s Program tonight we had a special treat planned by our Junior Counselors. They planned a scavenger hunt that had some high stakes for the winners – first to get s’mores at the campfire tonight! The B side of the boy’s cabin won, but not after a hike all over DaySpring to find all of their clues and put their puzzle together.


So, we ended our evening with Compline around the fire and then s’mores! Not bad!


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