2018 Middle School Camp – Day 1


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We’re off to a fantastic start with our Middle School Camp, and we’re just a couple of hours in! We have 55 campers this week, and it is wild! (We love it!!)


We began tonight with our staff introductions and camp question and answer session. Shortly after, we headed to dinner where we had pizza! We came back to the New New and sang some songs while we got ready for the Chaplain’s Program.


We are so lucky to be joined this week by Emily Walker and Fr. Michael Todd as our chaplains for the week. Our theme for the summer is Living Water, and tonight we began to think about who Jesus might be in our lives. We brainstormed some answers to different questions like, “What if you walked out to the water fountain right now and Jesus was standing there? What would you think? Say? Do?” We met with our Ohana Groups for the week and got to know each other there.


After Chaplain’s Program it was time for Counselor’s Program which tonight was a giant game of Capture the Flag!!! We had a ton of fun, but had to come back inside when it got too dark for us to see each other!!


We ended our evening with Compline around the fire and then headed back to our cabins to finish getting settled in! We have so many activities planned and we are going to need all the rest we can get J


Check out some of the pictures from our day here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/158761071@N05/DyD577


You can email your camper daily at campbunknotes@gmail.com. Emails are delivered daily, but delivery is not guaranteed after 12pm on Thursday. Remember: campers are unable to respond to emails.


We also hope that everyone will join us for our Closing Eucharist on Friday at 11am in the Program Center!!

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