2018 Leadership Camp – Day 4


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Today was a wet one! It began raining before our morning devotionals even started and didn’t stop until almost lunch time. Nevertheless, we were able to have tons of fun inside. We did energizers and played some card games. We were hoping to catch some time with no lightning but it was too close still so we watched Moana to help us embrace our love of water!


After lunch it was still pouring outside but we were able to get a good hour or so in the pool before our BBQ dinner in the outdoor pavilion. It was nice to be outside for dinner and get to play games for a bit before Chaplain’s Program and Counselor’s Program.


For Chaplain’s Program Justin, our chaplain, talked with us about leadership with our family, friends, and social life. Counselor Jowee shared his own experience of leadership and faithfulness and friends an Head Counselor Courtney shared her story of how her leadership has developed and grown over the years. After that, Ohana groups talked about other people’s expectations for our leadership and some things that may be challenging about that.


Counselor’s Program tonight was Prayer Stations so campers began in the chapel before heading back to the Program Center for some prayer time. That was the end of our night tonight and we are looking forward to our last full day of Summer Camp 2018!!


Check out pictures from the week here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmmwZChM


Email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com. Remember that emails that are sent after 12pm on Thursday are not guaranteed to be delivered.


Last but not least, do not forget to join us on Friday for our Closing Eucharist at 11am in the Program Center. (Camper pickup begins at 12pm.)

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