2018 High School – Day 3


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Today was a great day. We did things. All the camp things. But seriously, such an awesome day! This morning half of the camp headed out to the waterfront for a scavenger hunt on the water, and the other half of the camp went out to the low ropes courses to complete some teamwork challenges. After that, we all met up at the pool for a swim before heading to lunch.


After lunch, we had a variety of activities available for Camper’s Choice – swing dancing, tie-dye, friendship bracelets, 4-square, and many more! After Camper’s Choice, it was free time, and the only disappointing thing of the day – lightning that was too close to get into the pool L But, no rain, so still a fun afternoon!


Then we went to dinner and had chicken pot pie. It really gave us the energy we needed to go back for Chaplain’s Program and our Summer Camp Talent Show!! It was a fantastic night, and we learned and saw so many talented acts! More things to come tomorrow!!


Check out our pictures from camp here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskD5ya6o


Email your camper at campbunknotes@gmail.com (Please note that emails sent after 12pm on Thursday are not guaranteed delivery.)


And don’t forget to join us for our Closing Eucharist on Friday at 11am in the Program Center!

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